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We Wait On Our Lives

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It's the things that we ask for
something altered in time
and we know we can't have it
it's not something that's mine
or something that is even yours
it's really just happy memories
we want pasted into the future
when we get back our lives.

It's not even away now
things we feel we don't have
it's just that they are hiding
tucked away from the mind
and we think this is different
but it's really just the same
the same as tomorrow
the same as yesterday.

This little adventure has come
and it's not what we want
and we are losing our lives now
something that will haunt
haunt us for the dangers
haunt us for the lost lives
and we live day by day now
just trying to survive.

It's the time that we pray for
we pray for the day
when we can come out of hiding
when this all goes away
and things will be normal
and not feel so strange
we wait for that future
we wait for that day.

When there is no easy answers
when there is no lighting the way
is when we are truly challenged
and when we each pray
just to be a bit stronger
and to still enjoy our lives
and ignore some of the danger
until we arrive at that day.