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We Think We Are Invincible

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The Sad Truth

We are not

We live each day like we have many more to come

Even though the real truth

This could be are very last

We postpone things today for tomorrow

Like we have all the time in the world

We say things we shouldn't

Not knowing how are words can affect so many other people

Some days we are lazy

Other days we are confused and dazed

Doing things that really don't matter

At that very moment

They seem so important

In the big scheme of things

They are really not a big deal

Are attention is directed to those who we dislike and get under our skin

Instead of spending time

With those people who really matter

We begin to understand it more when we get older

When the loved ones we once knew are no longer here

So as we make the final cut

Going one more round

Shall we show the world

A little fun never hurt anyone

A smile makes people happy

Holding your hand out to help

is better than pushing or waving good bye

If we stop and think

The time we have left

Can motivate and bring a little more joy

It can be cunning and clever

Witty and filled with excitement and filled with riddles

That people can guess and wonder

What if?

I continue where he left off

What more can I do

That brings us all closer together

So I also may be remembered

Not as a tough old leather shoe

That was hard as nails

Impossible to deal with

Aggravating and annoying

Giving us blisters for no reason

Impossible to avoid

Too hard to get rid off

An extension of us

No matter what we thought

That could have been

So much more

A lesson too many

A worthy old soul

Trusty and reliable

Always taking one step farther

When others turn away

There through the good times and bad

Aging as we all do

Having it's share of problems

Never once did it hold us back

Weathering every storm

When we never new the outcome

Finally worn and beaten

Broken when times were never better

A true reminder of a life

Well lived and always willing to give

© 2022 DREAM ON

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