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We Share Things Back And Forth

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My Wife Loves To Cook

When she makes something

Instead of us eating it all

We are close to our neighbors

We share meals and desserts

This way we get a taste

Enjoy eating different things

My wife is trying her hardest to watch her weight

For years I could eat anything and never gain a pound

Then last year I started to gain pound after pound

I still was just as active as before

It came to a point where I couldn't take any weight off

It is a slippery slope

So I started making better choices for foods

More fruits and vegetables

I have been eating more watermelon than I have had in years

It is really healthy

I have been eating prunes and ginger

Still drinking a lot of water

Taking vitamins and trying to make any changes necessary

Staying healthy is so important

I am trying to pull out any good experiences

If you start with good stuff

You end up a little better than when you started

I hope everyone is not just getting through their day

It would be so much better

Everyone finding new ways to feel good

Appreciating who we are

Starting with eating right and staying healthy

Not just for a day

But for our entire life

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