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We Shall Never Forget Our Own

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We shall always to remember our courageous soldiers,

Celebrating their service on this date, the fourth of July.

Is that time in our own country's earliest of beginnings,

A day of our independence, for it, weak shall not apply.

Men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,

The Coast Guard, all military, public servants, we honor.

In those critical times come to the front, protecting us all,

Never consider their own lives, to get back up, if they fall.

In Seventeen Seventy-Six, a year of freedom held so dear,

We declared our independence, to old England, was clear.

No more being unfairly taxed, red clad soldiers in our face,

Sent all out the door, took no more, democracy to embrace.

Our country has been at war, was 1914, once again in 1939,

We fought in Korea,Vietnam and the Middle East, all in kind.

We overcame all obstacles, defeated that enemy over there,

Now in memory of those times, on the Fourth, show we care.

We all want to say a big "Thank You", for your service so grand,

To the women and men who risked their lives, until it was to end.

The Lord God has blessed us all, with bravery, those who defend,

Now on this date we celebrate, having people on who to depend.

Thank you, to all who serve!

Thank you, to all who serve!