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Poem: We Need to Chat

Self-deprecation: because the world really doesn't need any more unbridled egos...

When I see you in the morning light

Eyes half open, hair looks a fright

Like you’ve not had it done for months

When I smell you in the morning

Breath like a covered coffee can

Of old cooking oil, just opened

I wonder what others see

What others might think

If they too can whiff that stink

If it’s your plan

That folks keep their distance

Then look away now

Ignore my insistence

But if it’s the plan

To get normal some day

Listen please listen

To what I must say

Here’s an admonishment

Here’s looking at you, kid

Clean your teeth post-nourishment

Cut and comb that damn lid

Invest in some mouthwash

Brush and floss twice each day

Shower in the morning

Rinse malodor away

If you do your part

I will do mine

To put the old grease can

Out with the rubbish

I will also make gone

This looking glass

I can't keep facing

The same chat every day