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We Missed The Hurricaine


We Are Thankful And Concerned For Those Who Didn't

Just rain over here in Maine

The last hour we cleared off the deck and the yard

Moving any lawn chairs and tables

Tucking them off in one big pile

Preparing for seventy-hour winds and heavy rain

I called into work

Driving could be dangerous

Avoiding any accidents that could happen

If I got into trouble driving

Then I have a bigger problem

One day off is better than a week or two

My wife watching the news carefully

The wind and power outages in other states

Sixty-three hundred people without power

There was a nice breeze

Running around shutting windows as the rain changed direction

Grey skies and flooding in certain areas

I love a touch of all kinds of weather

In the New England states Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

They say if you don't like the weather

Wait a minute

It will change


DREAM ON (author) on September 12, 2021:

John Hansen I am so fortunate and blessed. I keep reading about so many places around the world that are having so much trouble with their weather. We are all safe and sound. How about you and your family? I love to write. Work has been hectic to and my schedule has been changing a lot. I am not a happy camper when it comes to change unless it is on my own terms.. I am trying to get better. A long slow process. Now I know how it is to be in a literal tornado. That is enough for me. Get me out of here. That is a story I will have to write. Thank you for hanging in there. 2 weeks and I am returning to the scene of the crime. The evidence speaks for itself. Luckily nobody has touched the evidence. So I can continue where I left off. I love computers. If it was twenty years ago I would have one pile of papers and another pile of writings. The newspapers use to give me ideas to write. Now I just turn the computer on and poof there is live-action of anything under the sun. An information overload. Sometimes I like it better when we got a little news at a time. Either the daily newspaper or we had to wait to the six o'clock news. That was then and this is now. All I can say is Wow!!! I am still alive and ticking. Just my alarm clock keeps going off. What could it be now? Just a reminder wake up and start a whole new day.O.k. Ready or not here I go. Thank you for always being a strong supporter and I great person. Let us make today a great day. One step at a time. That didn't work out for me. I stubbed my toe and tripped. I am o.k. I will begin again.(lol)

DREAM ON (author) on September 12, 2021:

Bill Holland I don't know how you do it? Keeping up with day-to-day life and then finding time to write. Ever since the Pandemic, everything I use to see and know is kind of upside down and sideways. I find myself more often than not taking a step back and enjoying the simple things in life. Then I say oh I forgot to write. Tomorrow becomes the next day and you know how the story goes.... I am always glad to see you and your posts. I love how you have mastered the art of going with the flow. I got caught in a river and tried to swim upstream. I am so lucky it was only in my writing world that has happened. So many people are going through so much more in the real world. I count my blessings and begin where I left off. Catching up is hard to do. It also brings a great sense of gratitude to all that we have and brings peace in my world. Thank you again and two weeks seems like seconds to me. They say when you get older time goes faster. Whoever said that isn't kidding. Hope you and your family are doing great. Happy Sunday.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 23, 2021:

Dream On. I am glad to hear you only got rain, and no hurricane. It is good that you planned ahead just in case though. Always better to be prepared.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 22, 2021:

I'm glad to hear you are safe. It's been one hell of a summer, west coast and east coast. Bring on Fall!

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