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We Love Us The Forbidden Romance Trope!

Emee.chan is a sucker for forbidden romance, hidden messages, secret meetings without anyone discovering what's going on.


The Forbidden Tastes The Sweetest

They met in secret,
An angel and the devil.
If anyone were to find out,
There'll be trouble.

Stolen moments in the dead of night,
Shared kisses under the moonlight.
Talking in hushed tones while sitting close,
Never getting caught by the rising dawn.

Their secret meetings continue,
Without anyone being the wiser.
Every night at midnight, they meet
At their secret spot, hidden in the deep dark forest.

This forbidden love they have is thrilling.
Angel knows she's sinning,
But she's not concerned.
She adopted the devil-may-care mindset,
This pun was not intended.

The devil is enjoying this secrecy all the more,
For he desires to show his lover
There's a whole world out there to explore
And so many more rules to ignore.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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