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We Lost Power Last Night

So Happy To Wake Up

With our power back on

So many things we take for granted

Electricity is one of them

Think of all the things that plug in

Our cell phones most people will say right away

There are so many more important appliances

The electric stove, refrigerator ,freezer and our microwave

The computer. electric razor, electric toothbrushes, Google home

The air conditioners, fans, clocks, water pump, toaster. can opener

The electric hot water heater, T.V., lights

The list is endless

It can go on and on

Just having the ability to use all these things

Makes my day wonderful

I don't have to go any further

It is strange how when we lose something

We want it so much more

So I guess going without power for a few hours

Was a good thing

I'm not easily thrown off by other problems or issues pending

They will also be dealt with in a reasonable, calm manner

In life we can want so many things

If we are blessed we will have the things we need the most

If we are fortunate we might get many

Then one day you might just realize

There was a time when people didn't have what we have

So we should be thankful each and every day