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We Humans Like To Hurt: A Poem

I, a human being, see a lot of things that just make me sad. Pain is one of those things.

Content Warning

Just a fair warning here: Although this poem is not explicitly about self-harm, it does infer some things about it. If reading something that would remind you of self-harm may trigger some bad things or really bother you, it may not be a good thing to continue reading.

"happy" face

"happy" face

We Humans Like To Hurt

We humans like to hurt

The sharp knives of our words

Cutting through our skin

Just to see if we can bleed

It’s better to feel

Anything at all than

Deal with the monotony of routine

We humans like to hurt

No one could tell you why

We drown ourselves in sadness

When we’re afraid to fly

The ground is never safe

But it’s full of surprises

One can look up to see

Just how bland the sky is

We humans like to hurt

Pain is all we need

When happiness is far away

We’re too scared to succeed

Because after success

There’s nothing left to be

So we convince our minds we’re

Better sad than empty

We humans like to hurt

Agony, so sweet

Masochists in all of us

Demons, devils, fiends

But this is not really the case

Not by any means

Hurting makes us human

Contentment creates machines



About This Poem

There are many factors that inspired me to write this poem, but the most influential one was a scientific study I read about. It was an experiment done on a number of participants, where they were all left alone in a room with nothing but a buzzer that gave them an electric shock. So, essentially, these people were choosing between being left alone with their thoughts, or pain. Surprisingly enough, most of them pressed the buzzer multiple times. There are probably loads of psychological reasons for this, but what I gathered from it was that human beings would rather be in pain than be bored. There is a link to an article on this experiment below.

The other factor that lead to me writing this was seeing people getting stuck in a bad place and refusing to get themselves out of it. It feels good to be sad, sometimes. Trying to constantly keep yourself happy is good, but exhausting sometimes. Personally, I find it better to just go with the flow. There's nothing wrong with being sad. It's part of being human. But, there's nothing wrong with being happy either. No one should feel guilty for happiness.

Anyways, thank you for reading, and have a great day!

~Tina Kelvy

© 2021 Tina Kelvy

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