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We Have Done It Again

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Finding Little Things That Make Us Happy

We have met some challenges in the past

That has made us think

Question and push us to the limit

Each time we had no choice

Work through our tough and difficult times

Searching for the best possible outcome

It was not easy

Doing so cut into our time and our savings

If it was car trouble

We had to get our car fixed

Health problems with my wife or I

More doctor appointments and stress

The work problems that keep us on our toes

From schedule changes that made us leave early

New difficulties with co-workers and added job responsibilities

We keep on finding new ways

Pulling together when most people pull apart

Especially when tempers flare

It is so easy to watch things get out of hand

Then burn faster than a pile of old dried wood

People say this is life

Well I can't argue this is part of living

We both keep on trying to get things back to the way they were

Sharing more time together and making more wonderful dreams come true

If it is a lazy afternoon drive

A quick lunch out

Laying in bed talking

Watching an old movie we haven't seen

Each thing creates a love

That keeps growing and never gets old

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