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Sterile Slogans Some Are Ready to Die For


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Every Form of Love Got Its Exaggerated Form: Physical Love Turned Porno, Love for Food Turned Gluttony, Love for Country Turned National Narcissism

Every Form of Love Got Its Exaggerated Form: Physical Love Turned Porno, Love for Food Turned Gluttony, Love for Country Turned National Narcissism


Psychologically speaking, whenever someone lacks in their self-esteem, they tend to hook their importance to a winning sport club, a religion, a political party, or -- yes, to their glorious country. And the more they are emotionally starved in that department of self-value, the louder they are while displaying their patriotism.

And it goes all the way down to a chronic loser and a village idiot -- neither of them able to make a difference in their own lives, so they resort to the illusion of making a difference in the life of the whole nation.

Since their lack is hurting more than their compensation is emotionally rewarding, their "love" for their country boils down to a hate of a political target of their choice. Hate for someone who "doesn't love their country enough" -- they think -- while their own love is nothing but toxic.

Those slogans go endless. Calling our country "the best" is like calling our wife "the most beautiful", which is very, very subjective, because an enormous number of men out there wouldn't bother giving her as much as a second look. And it's more than fine, as long as we are not imposing our taste on other men.

Which translates to this tendency of national narcissism to expect the world to see our country with same eyes as we see it. Well, yes, there are losers in other countries that see our country as an El Dorado and a Shangri La -- but also there are losers in our own country who are pretty convinced that our country sucks.

But, let me leave some of this "ode to patriotism" for the next few pieces of my prose in rhymes. The second part will cover some other slogans which make even less sense.

Please repair your narcissism before you start loving your neighbor as yourself.

-- Charles F. Glassman

National Narcissism

To love our country is plausible and fine

but some folks don't know where to stop

as if being intoxicated with patriotic wine

insisting on seeing their country at a top.

You may be a champion at boxing, skiing

and no one will deny it as factual and true

but it won't make you a better human being

as someone can run or swim faster than you.

When I hear slogan "We first!"

it's universal all over world map

no country takes them for the worst

anywhere the same self-dignifying crap.

Malta, Monaco, or Liechtenstein

Luxemburg, or any other tiny state

are surely drunk of same patriotic wine

thinking of themselves as glorious and great.

Many a nation boasting with a glorious past

forgets that glory was dipped in a blood

every victory of their cannons blast

making a human kiss the mud.

Respect is to be deserved--not demanded

in the free world leaders get always elected

so every narcissism ends up empty-handed

because those others don't bow as expected.

How Ably We Turn Corporate Greed Into Something Sounding Like a "Matter of National Security"

How Ably We Turn Corporate Greed Into Something Sounding Like a "Matter of National Security"

Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the matter of national interest.

-- Thomas Sowell

It's O.K. If It's in National Interests

When it's in national interests

we could cheat and we could kill

and then coming from the same breasts

are our expressions of a humane good will.

Everyone is doing what seems to be best

for their own welfare while paying a little price

it's always meat for us and it's bones for the rest

and sometimes we even succeed to make it look nice.

People falling for sterile slogans and phrases

picked from some books on love and altruism

used by dozens by those manipulative crazies

who have turned them into farce of a cynicism.

Who are they kidding with that pretense

mincing those words of a genuine care

but not making really some big sense

with national interests everywhere.

And then they accuse so many others

for something that they're doing as well

it's others' retaliation which always bothers

'cause how dare they not to comply but rebel.

Everyone is a friend who is dancing to our tune

respecting our interests, and giving up on theirs

which makes this world look like a silly cartoon

that could certainly use quite some brain repairs.

Is He Blaming His Father for His Being Born, or Blaming Society for His Father Being Killed in a Crazy War?

Is He Blaming His Father for His Being Born, or Blaming Society for His Father Being Killed in a Crazy War?

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

-- Mother Teresa

Of Abortions and Wars

They say life is too precious for abortion

but dying in a senseless war is quite O.K.

so we never bother looking at disproportion

of dying as embryo, or on one's 20'th birthday.

They say those soldiers died for their homeland

they didn't -- they died for the corporate greed

brainwashed, people don't really understand

war is about money, not for a defense need.

And how many unwanted babies get born

from start doomed to poverty, drugs, crime

a mother hearing about daughter doing porn

or raising her bad son that ends up doing time.

That puritan view of moralistic crap

talking about life as being gift from god

all served to us in some lying shiny gift wrap

when pregnancy is a mistake, that gift looks odd.

An anti-abortion leader gives an order for attack

because "national interests" have to be defended

that's why justice in these matters is all out of whack

all that senseless dying, and pregnancies not intended.

At a moment we are god-fearing believers

allowing embryo to become unwanted child

only to turn into some ruthless self-deceivers

with wars driven by greed so primitive and wild.

A bit of humor to brighten up the gloomy tone of the satire -- but still satiric the funny way

© 2020 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on December 10, 2020:

Brenda, my friend -- Thank you for the words of praise. Well, I am not making an effort to appear "bold", because that could be interpreted as my own compensating for a hidden mousiness. Moreover, possibly placing me in the same boat with other mental shipwreckers blaming the captain, navigator, the crew, weather, or their unlucky star for their misfortune.

And contrary to some possible impressions, I've got nothing against America -- been there several times; even lived and worked there (legally, with a "Green card"); met only ordinary folks like anywhere else -- some smart, some stupid, but human beings, not some "avatars from a god-chosen race".

Reading my satires one would never guess that I have an enormous love for the whole mankind, but I also love my wife and my kids and I tease them, and they tease me about our weak-sides-in-action. There is no hating bone in me -- it's simply against my mental discipline, besides my being a pragmatic dude who wouldn't spoil his digestion with rants.

Have a great day, my friend, and keep poetizing which you do so well.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 09, 2020:

Your writing definitely grabs the attention of readers.

You stand boldly behind your concepts as I imagine you are the sort of man who keeps his word.

This world has alot of notions.

Some keep to themselves while others blame anyone they possibly can.

Some of us are God fearing creatures while others really don't care about anything but themselves.

I suppose no matter who we are...we are all creatures of nature connected together for some sense of purpose.

Maybe these notions make us think..so we can understand the world more clearly.

Or maybe...I'm just tired and writing from the fizzle left in my brain.

In any case..I did read your poems & liked them.

Take care and enjoy your life.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on December 09, 2020:

Umesh -- Thank you, I am glad you liked it.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 09, 2020:

Good thoughts, well narrated. Nice composition.

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