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"We Don't Need Another Poet"

A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

Mad Max Movie: "Beyond Thunderdome" (1985) "We Don't Need Another Hero" As Sung by Tina Turner

The World looks to someone who can bring words to Poetry like never before...

Who will be the Poet that emerges through that ultimately narrow door?

For many people know how to write glorious words in poetic form...

But One Poet rides into the midst of all known Poetry...into the midst of the raging storm.

From this One Man's Poetry...We can see the World through his he does...

He may live to be the Greatest Poet known to Man...or the Greatest One there ever was.

Edgar Allen Poe: "The Raven" And "A Dream Within a Dream"

Edgar Allen Poe: "The Raven" And "A Dream Within a Dream"

Who were the ones that wrote Poetry of Old...?

Has their Story ever been fully told?

Where have the Ones that left us Writings of Old taken these-the times we are in now...?

What Epic Writings Lie Ahead...Can Anyone tell us...Anyhow?

Poetry...Don't Mock it's Style...Can Bring the World...Glorious Rhymes and Wonderous Prose...

Gather 'round and listen to the story of one Single Poet...who has become a Poet-that everyone knows.

Walking the dark concrete streets...on a hot and humid Big City night...

One Man...Rhymes Pounding in his Head...Sets out to make his Poetry right.

A Mission that has not been taken lightly...Poems that must somehow be said...

Manly Poetry Man will show the World his Poetry thoughts...Crammed-up in His Over-sized Head.

Can the World take another it One more Poet then we all need...?

This Poet will “press-on“ past other Poetry writings...and let Poetry thoughts that once were restrained…be freed.

We don’t need another Poet… No more words needed that you can make rhyme.

We don’t need another Poet… Your time to write Poems… is all out of time.

Who will rise up next to bring out the great poe-try?

Who will bring out the words we need to hear… that are much better than they claim to be.

When does a Poet illustrate words...that go far beyond what we know as their meaning…

Who is this Poet standing alone in the Sun on a Horse with his Armor gleaning?

We asked for a simple paragraph or two and that was all we sought after…

Yet, you have brought us Words of Reassurance, Peace, Knowledge, and you brought Laughter.

Yes…The World doesn’t need another Poet… Yet, here I humbly stand before you…

I will take up the banner of “One More Poet”…Yes, this Poet feels it’s something he must do.

Alfred Lord Tennyson; "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

Alfred Lord Tennyson; "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

I look to the Poets of Old...who somehow caught me off guard...featured in an English Text Book...

And wonder how their Poetry lasted for so long...just a couple of Famous Poems was all it took.

How do you capture the Readers attention for that always stay in their memory...?

I am wondering if all Famous Poets must die first...'Cause that don't sound that great to me.

If you are going to write then you have to put your mind to it and even your own soul...

You will have to become "One" with your Poems...if that is your goal.

Because in the End Run...You are only measured by a lasting impression...

And, someone reading your works must not doubt or have any question.

That the World may not need another Poet...there are already quite a few...

Time for you to put-up or "Shut-up"...Manly Poetry Man...Let's just see what you can do!

The Artist Still Known As: Manly Poetry Man

The Artist Still Known As: Manly Poetry Man

© 2021 ManlyPoetryMan

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