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We Didn't Know

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How Could We Possibly Know

There was nobody there to teach us

There are times in life where we have help

Many years of school where teachers teach us book knowledge

Who was there to teach us street smarts ?

Common sense and fast knowledge combined

That if not shown

Can take years to learn

Sometimes over a lifetime we never really know

Is there a way to trust our instincts ?

So we can react at the right moment

Fast on our feet to respond with clarity

Simple tips that give us a little bit of an edge

When we step into the wrong situation

When to walk away

When to run

Some people you can not help

No matter how hard you try

Life is very short

We are deceived by our own family, friends and surroundings

That we have time

We really don't

We have heard many times

There is no hurry

Take your time

We must act now

Because tomorrow may never come

When your heart is broken

How to heal

When your dreams crash and burn

How to walk through the ashes

See and feel the pain

Turn it into a positive

To reach beyond our comfort zone

To bring new joys we have never known

Follow our own lead

Instead of trusting someone else's wrong misguided steps

Forgive ourselves instead of searching for others to help

Animals can help mend

A few people can be trusted

Those very people that helped you so much

Can make big mistakes

You have to rise above your shortfalls

Nobody is one hundred percent right

Search for answers

Where there are none

Trust in the process

Sometimes we have to begin again

Start over

We need a fresh outlook

Google map can help us find our location

We have to decide

In what direction to follow

Proceed with caution

For there will be hardships we will face

Then we will find our greatest pleasures

Hidden behind a rock or a tree

Even left in the open

The sun blinded us so we could not see

There we stretch our imagination

To create the passion

That builds us up inside

Where nobody can reach or claim

it is our own

Personal Hall of Fame

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