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We Did Good

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Patting Ourselves On The Back

We are proud of what we have accomplished

We find ways to complement each other often

Making the bed when we get up in the morning

Washing the dishes after a meal

Sweeping the kitchen floor because I tracked in mud and dirt from the outside

Putting our cell phones on charge

Going through old food in our kitchen cabinets

Washing our clothes and then drying them

Cleaning the stove when we spilled something

Finishing off old luncheon meat before it goes bad

Oops eating a quarter of a pound of the wrong meat

My wife tells me

That is the one we just bought

I thought it was the meat on the top

Taking the car in for repairs

Letting the other person sleep

Doing a little bit extra

We make it a game

We compete and have fun at the same time

We try to outdo each other

The winner gets bragging rights

Many weeks it is a close call

The thrill is in the victory

After the day is over

We both go to bed exhausted

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