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We Can't Fix Yesterday

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Today Is A Challenge

We may not succeed

Even though we are going to give it our all

There are so many events in one day

My head doesn't stop spinning

Some people breeze on through

I have so many unanswered questions

So what will I do ?

I start to read a book one of many

Then before you know it

Time slips away

As I put the book down and start to write

My thoughts pour in

Our dear cat Charlotte wants to be patted

So I give her my undivided attention

Before you know it my wife wants to show me something

Then forty-five minutes later I return

After watching something funny on t.v.

I direct my attention to cleaning out our car

It is easy to get messy

When I practically live in it three hours a day

I bring vegetable snacks and water

I have ginger and tangerines

I get hungry and sometimes I am finishing my lunch too

It has been a great winter

One big storm

No snow on the ground

No shoveling needed

I start up the car with a remote starter

I didn't think we need it

Now when I climb in a warm car

I am more than happy

For those people who don't have one

You might want to consider it

It pays for itself in no time

Off to work early

Only to come home late

I write a few thoughts of my day

My wife watches me scribble away

Some days mean more than others

Then a few days it is so hard to do anything right

You think after all this time

We would have our life down to a science

Not me

I keep playing a guessing game

Every day I make an early forecast like the weathermen on t.v.

It starts out the same way

Today is going to be a great day

Then what do you know?

A chance of showers

I am sure it will clear up

I can't believe it downpoured

A real thunderstorm

I was wrong

As bolts of a lightning strike

Tomorrow will be better than today

I hope I am right

I am not a psychic

I feel it in my bones

Maybe they are just aches and pains

That won't go away

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