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We Can We Will

Another Day Another Way

Every time something goes wrong

We have to stop and think


What can I do better?

Then take that new knowledge

Apply it to your current situation

It sounds so easy

In reality, it is so so hard

Something inside of us

Says stop!

You failed!

Give up!

Why are you even trying?

Do you think next time is going to be any different?

My answer is yes

My answer is I am not going to let you win

Then you may say who is you?

It is all the things my mind has made up to prove me wrong

My biggest problem

Isn't me against another person

It is me against me

Now that sounds crazy

It is true

I wake up trying to be a little bit better person than before

If I am cleaning our house or doing any other chore

Doing things for my wife or anyone I care for

Finding ways to make me happy

We all have a past

Things that we are proud of

The list may be small

Then there are things we wish could be different

This list grows and grows like nothing I have ever seen

It multiplies like rabbits

I don't even own rabbits

I am sure those cute little bunnies

Turn into one big handful

One that I don't know what to do

There is no escape

So I hold those adorable bunnies in my hand

All furry and cute

We have to work together

I am not going to eat you

You have to do what bunnies do

I am going to make friends with you

You are going to help me

I am going to find ways to bring out my every insecurity

Every problem that I couldn't solve

Yes, it will be hard

Probably, the hardest thing in my life

All I am going to remember

How bunnies hop around

They are so fast

I am not going to remember how much they poop

I have only seen bunnies at a fair or a few out in the wild

So as I continue to tackle unresolved issues of my past

I could only wish I had the speed of you my friend

Carefree and wild

Living each day

Full of energy and lots of get up and go

You never worried that you are smaller than everyone else

You walk on four legs instead of two

I want to be more like you

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