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We Can Only Go up From Here

Can Only Go Up From Here

Everybody has bad days, everybody has good.
Some people wanna give up & sometimes I wish I could.
My circle is small, I don't trust many.
People never wanna help or listen, some won't even spare a penny.
Everytime I try to move on up in life, I get pushed back down.
I get shit talked & fucked over like I'm just some clown.
But life ain't a joke and this shit ain't funny.
Somedays feel so dark & not so sunny.
I have to find ways to survive & support my daughter. Everyone just put me on the back burner or out in the slaughter.
Sometimes I feel like a burden or a bother.
Maybe its cause I didn't really have my mother or my father.
For years I kept so much inside & never told a soul, but now my walls have been broken, life has just took its toll.
I work real hard at everything I do, just to be told I'm not the same as you.
My feelings are irrelevant & don't mean a thing & people wonder why I blow up, I'm just holding on by a string.
One day I know things won't be where they're at now. I have a few good friends & even a great guy I found.
I can't wait to be out of this state & be free, I wonder where life will take me.

Damaged Heart


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