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We Can Be Heroes, a Poem About Change and Taking a Stand

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.


We Can Be Heroes

What is important in your life -

Your family, job, or health?

Success, respect, or happiness,

Or maybe untold wealth?

Do you love your fellow man

Whatever race or creed?

Do you try to do what's right,

Like give to those in need?

Sometimes we need to take a stand,

To think outside the box.

Go where no man's gone before,

Remove the chains and locks.

Most of us have steady jobs

Working nine to five.

Security is what we seek,

Just go on with our lives.

We really need to take a chance,

To risk it on a hunch.

Be daring and do something new,

Give life a bit more punch.

Change is often scary,

We stick to what we know.

But it sometimes is inevitable

If we expect to grow.

We need to act like heroes

To shape tomorrow's world,

Not blindly follow other fools,

Do something new and bold.

Our culture needs upheaval

So society can grow.

Be a light to a new dawn,

Let others see your glow.

Be brave and take the path unwalked,

Speak of the things unsaid,

Write about injustices,

Pave the way ahead.

An artist needs to make a stroke

Or the canvas will stay bare.

A masterpiece awaits his brush,

So paint without a care.

A writer's words can change the world

With hidden truths revealed,

As long as he shows courage

And turns the cards he's dealed.

Teachers also have the power

To create a better world.

They mould and shape the active minds

Of every boy and girl.

So be the diamond in the rough,

Boldly take the lead,

Do what no one's ever done,

You are the change we need.

From little things, the big things grow,

Are words we should embrace.

Hand in hand, and step by step,

We'll create a better place.

Tackle tasks that can't be done,

Stand out from the crowd.

We can be heroes,

In a society of cowards.


© 2016 John Hansen