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We Under The Bridge


We Are Trolls

Under the Bridge

Tryin’ to eat
Got Pumas on my feet
Every time I wade into the stream
I sink
Drawing circles in the sand
Trying to let go with hands
Hands that were meant to hold on
So I move on
Chances disappear
Pulled under by the thing
The thing I’m trying to catch
Moving so fast
Smashing against my dreams
Drowned out by my screams
The only one that hears them is me

Smiling wide cause…
We push them away
Hey baby come with me
Hey now, step back…not too close
It’s all on the line
I’m so damn hungry

6 Locos under the bridge and a broken man
Drinking 4 Locos as the smoke rolls
Empty cans drown out old lives we’re running from
C.B. rescued The Dude
Taking shit in every town
Gettin' beat by people that can't see
This cool cat is a dog they just can’t leave be
Brought back to life by a man with a frown
Met him
Fed him
Held him
Brought him back around and now they pass through towns they ain’t never been
Ones they ain’t never gonna see

We just trying to breathe

Now here we are back again
Saving himself for the one that‘s gonna save him
Jacob’s got a ladder but he’s missing a pole
F@$% the ounces man I’m counting pounds
Roll it up
Pass it round
A Poptart smile and the smoke goes down
Strawberry flavored and glazed is how he rolls
Ramen in your pocket on the trail
Behind a mountain
Under the tree where McDerken fell and got washed away
Popped back up smiling
Pass me another drink
This place is cold and I’m gettin old
I stopped moving
Foot trapped under a rock
Under its weight
And I’m holding onto a limb so I don’t drown again
Clear plastic
Green inside
Running, riding, swimming, trying to believe again in someone who can eat something besides him
Pissflaps grins but it’s a fucked up story
Sounds like my girl met your girl and share the same history

Smiling wide cause…
We push them away
Hey baby come with me
Hey now, step back…not too close
It’s all on the line
I’m so damn hungry

Then there’s me
Trying to reel them in with my lines
Tryin’ to share my dreams
Bring them to The Place
Money don’t matter
Get your feet wet
Eat up cause this hard ass work makes it taste sweeter
The chip on my shoulder
So I take a dip to find my lines
Jump off the side
Trolls under the bridge
We’re smoking
We’re drinking
We’re smiling about our hazy dreams
-Got to gooooo now
-Too many carssssss now
-Too many facesssss now
Too many people want to know what where when how
Who are you why you here how you spell your name how far where you been what’s that scar
You’re full of shit man
Your eyes aren’t brown their kinda grey
Or is that you soul showing
Whatever…you don’t care who I am where I been
F@$% you…that’s how it’s spelled and I don’t care what you say

Smiling wide cause…
We push them away
Hey baby come with me
Hey now, step back…not too close
It’s all on the line
I’m so damn hungry

Hop the fence to an empty pool party
But you’re not invited
Skate in the dark
The green sign
White letters that shine
The Creepers Way
Chilling behind a fence down the street
Smoke fills an empty concrete...bowl
We should be sleeping
But we’re still drinking
We’re still spilling…with empty cans
How the hell are we gonna get out of this town
I can’t even stand
My head is spinning and I’m Tripping
Locos got us feeling...alright
Drunk, laughing about this moment
Forgetting what brought us here
Kept us from…smiling

Smiling wide cause…
We push them away
Hey baby come with me
Hey now, step back…not too close
It’s all on the line
I’m so damn hungry

Be my fish
Tin foil
Bowl in my hand
Hopes on the line cause I'm skinny
Only you around when I caught it
Nobody around when I saw it
It's all good if I don’t give a shit
Reeled it in and broke my stick
You gave me different lines
Wrap it around my hand
Starting to strangle me
Bulging fingers
Shaping me in a different way
Dragging me in and now I’m slipping, falling, pulling me in
Class number 3
I died and ended up here
Dumping anger and fear
Trying to feel something different
Wrapping my lines around my arms
Down…etching my wrists
Hands red
Purple finger tips
She's got the good stuff
Her name is Blueberry
Try my weed
It shares my name
Sweet just like me
Run with me
Sun on me
Come with me
Then she walked on
Wake up day 3
I planted seeds under trees
The only one that knows where is me
Future weed for travelers just like me
Leopard spots
Grow up, trip up, show up, smoke up
All you gotta do is ride across
Walk my lines and make your own map
Hate your life
What are you going to do
Where are you gonna go
Where you gonna be when they blow...(sniff)
We scream as a warning
Curled up in the corners
After pill bottles and exhaust fumes
Half empty beer bottle in the cupholder
Now it’s just you and me
My scars are real and you’re just a memory
Take it all cause I don't care
I'm lyin', yes I do but I still got me
No money
No cars
Just streets, trees, rocks, and dreams
Time without you is time with me
Time for me
Hear me
See me
Be me
Purple finger tips as I slip into the stream
I’m so damn hungry

Smiling wide cause you ain't here
I'm missing you
I’m not pushing you
I'll stay if you ain't lying this time
Step up this time…closer this time
It’s all on the line
I’m so damn hungry but…
You look tired after all those lines

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