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We're Stronger for It, My Friend


When we lose our loved ones and our world seems so lost,

Just to face a new day, so hard to do, to be part of the cost.

Whether your mother, father, sister, brother, any family one,

A good friend from the past, to breathe their last, now gone.

Because we knew them so well, we are now stronger for it.


When the love of your life, the game of football lost for good,

Because of that injury, through it all, you tried like you should.

You failed to make the grade, no matter how hard you played,

Another day you graduated, became better, so don't be afraid.

You became a better person, so much stronger then, my friend.


When your country went to war, you lost friends by the score,

Seemed no rhyme or reason tor it all, for why they had to fall.

Then did swear from that day on, they'd not ever stand alone,

No matter a cause, never you to pause, in answering the call.

More strength, determination now, you're better off, my friend.


As time has moved on, they still play that same old song,

The rich get richer, leaving the rest behind, not to belong.

Danger appears so near, engulfed in every fear, so wrong.

Now the time to remember you are experienced, so strong.

A gift waits inside, here your heart does reside, forever strong.


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