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We Are Still Not out of the Woods Yet

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We Are Making Progress

I thought we would have been here by now

This would all be a thing of the past

Our stomachs are slowly getting ready for more solid food

I have a few bites here or there

Food, in general, doesn't interest me

I need solids

As I eat two slices of toast with peanut butter

Hoping that will start the trend

My wife and I have lost ten pounds in one week

That is not the way I want to lose weight

I had a little jello and eggs yesterday

Later I had a salad and an apple

Two slices of roast beef and a power ade

That is not much for anything

My wife had two slices of cheese

Earlier she also had a few slices of roast beef

Thank you for all your concern

It is no fun being sick

Now our stomachs are not turning

We are going to be daring and eat more tomorrow

For now, all we can do is dream of beautiful foods

We both have received plenty of extra sleep the past week

So now when we want to sleep we can't

We are dealing with all kinds of things

All my life I never had a problem eating

Luckily, I have always been active

I always burned off more calories than I took in

My wife had to struggle with a weight issue all her life

She had an underactive thyroid

So she is on medicine

Even with that

She can eat the littlest thing

Then she gains a pound

When we will save the rest for a rainy day

It looks like tomorrow

It has rained an awful lot this month

I hope everyone else is doing well

Feel free to share

It makes us think of something different

Then food and rain

What life was before

When we were always busy

Eating on the run

We don't know how it started

I want to change to something better

Now is the perfect time to begin

It is funny how you rethink all the food you eat

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