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So Strange and so Lovable Creatures We Are


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.



Sometimes I am envisioning a theater somewhere up in the celestial real estate, with all deities and other holy entities having fun watching the human divine comedy. So that on a typical stormy day I am not interpreting all those sounds as a threat, but rather as a thundering laughter coming from that holy theater's audience.

For, we really are some colorful species -- and mind you, there is nothing racial in the statement. Hysterically funny, that is, just like in those episodes of hysterical laughter when it's not quite clear if one is laughing or crying.

And that's also the kind of laugh I hear from up above. Hey, don't start diagnosing me as a schizo that's "hearing voices" -- all this is just a satire, remember?

However, don't see anything "bad" in that laughter. After all, we created all those deities in our own image, ascribing to them our own qualities, or aren't they also our flaws? For, all those Holy Ones seem to be so capable of ignoring, neglecting, scaring, and punishing their kids -- all in the name of love, just like some of us do.

Isn't that what inspired the old adage: "Like father -- like son"?

Anyhow, why worry -- they must be laughing at their own imperfections in that celestial group therapy -- since laughing at selves is extremely therapeutic, if it's coming from a forgiving and accepting heart.

It's a kind of loving laughter like when I spend some time at each bedtime watching on the You Tube videos some babies and puppies in their playful interaction. The warmth of that feeling appears to be enough to melt any left over residue of ice in my heart after facing the daily news with politics and the reports of new "active cases of Covid-19".

You see what I mean -- I bet you, that at the very mention of that crap you are becoming a candidate to benefit from a round of watching babies and puppies.

And, until you get to that, you may practice laughing by observing how I have typed a couple of hundred words of an Introduction by not really saying anything of some substance.

But, isn't that exactly what makes us humans so damn cute!

Wherever you look, there is some new opportunity to practice a laughing version of forgiveness, tolerance, and acceptance. This is not an exception, and some more of it you may discover in the following two rhymed pieces of my prose.

Or, could it be a poetry? Hmm...not really, for, if I am lucky, I may count on some forgiveness, but not on a blind one. Or, is it actually a matter of taste, and my rhyming is deserving some cheers of admiration?

You see what I mean? That's us humans -- hey, is it you laughing or it's coming from somewhere above?

Drunk From Cocktail of Order and Chaos

Since whole life is merely the state of mind

not everything appears in a coherent order

it's not either of ingenious or insane kind

rather something unstable at the border.

In the hypothetical inventory of our daily thinking

much of that is just separating wheat from chaff

emotions in a state between floating and sinking

in short, a mental scenario worthy of good laugh.

And yet we all appear with a straight, sober face

while so much is adding to this absurd sensation

so we see people behaving with apparent grace

but that's mostly case of emotional constipation.

Chaos and order in a typical human cocktail

hung on a pendulum visiting crazy and sane

we can't clearly tell when we succeed of fail

losses often compensated with a fake gain.

Amazing how we manage to get to a golden middle

proficient at sugarcoating and our balancing acts

pretending to have answers to every life riddle

daring to take beliefs for some cool facts.

All in all, we must be only truly lovable cosmic race

if we weren't, wrath of our gods would end our game

so we must be deserving this blue planet for our place

on our balance sheet more to be loved for than to blame.

A Day In Life of Total Acceptance

If you're considering managing your stress

pick any day of the week for accepting it all

including daily news, well, wars a little less

but even my satires and an occasional troll.

See how really flexible you could possibly be

as you go through day with a sheepish smile

pretending to be unburdened and like all free

seeing geniuses and idiots on the same pile.

Don't forget a compliment to co-worker jerk

the one that you secretly wanted to strangle

along with others on job to animate and perk

in short -- see your reality from different angle.

Let "who cares" be your mantra for the day

and see how much it feels like a rotten lie

keep all your tendency to disagree at bay

acting as if you are being on drugs high.

Ignore all people with some moral abnormality

those you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole

just accept everything of life in its totality

especially things that you can't control.

Remember, it's only one day to act out of whack

a little experiment, probably so weird, but clever

because the next day you'll get your life back

being your old self again as critical as ever.

So, when tomorrow comes as normal as can be

now thinking back, experience was kind of cool

that idea of accepting all that you hear and see

even though it made you feel like the total fool.

© 2021 Val Karas

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