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We Are More Than Just Dust

I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise


We all are encapsulated in dust

Dust of different colors

Dust of different shapes

Dust of different weights

Dust of different heights

Dust of different sizes

Many a time,

We forget who we truly are

We see ourselves as

Just the dust that houses us

But don't be deceived

No matter how you see yourself

No matter how you see others

No matter what your thoughts are

No matter what you believe

One thing is true

You have a soul and

That’s all that matters

Before you judge someone

Before you take actions against someone

Think of you as a soul and

Think same way about them

From dust we came

To dust we return

But we are more than just dust

It’s not about black or white

We are humans

That’s what we are

And now,

I only hope we see the light

Before it’s ruined

© 2020 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor

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