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We Are Here Again

Not To Change A Thing

To learn what we might have missed

We focus on things that we see

There are other things that happen

We might not have been aware of

When we make someone smile

It is usually someone that we care about

It could be a friend, neighbor, or co-worker

Even someone closer like a parent or a lover

We had an impact on them

We could not predict

It just happened

If we are blessed

It will happen millions of times more in our lifetime

A smile not only makes the person smiling happy

We can't forget the person who sees the smile

It could be the smile giver

It could be a total stranger

The greatest part is the smile can keep giving more smiles

Long after the first smile is gone

Smile away

Because I feel it in my bones

Today is going to be a great day

Then again it is raining

It could just be my aches and pains waking up

Telling me

How old I am

With it comes years of love

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