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We Are Going On A Hike

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Grab Your Backpack

To a place you have never gone before

That is a hard promise to keep

Even harder to fulfill

Let us travel deep in your mind

Where all your memories are found

We are going to put all those sad thoughts aside for now

We are going to rediscover the good things we have experienced

There are so many

Where do we begin?

We could go back to your childhood and work our way forward

We could also start today and work our way back

Which way would you like to go?


I think that is amazing

I didn't think of trying the first great thought that pops in your head

Your first love

Well we won't spend too much time on that

It soon turned into your first heartbreak

Let's think again?

Your first A in school

That was so long ago

You were so proud

On top of the world

Your parents couldn't have been happier

Not because you got an A

But because they knew your true potential

You have to build confidence and trust yourself

From there your life is an open book

With unlimited opportunities

We will fast forward to see

Where you are today

Great job if I say so myself


I am speechless

Keep up the good work

I know there is so much more to do

I won't keep you any longer

Until next time

Where we visit another lovely memory

That makes your heart pound and hands sweat

Only to put a smile

That I haven't seen in a while

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