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We Are All Linked

Kari spends much of her time thinking about the meaning of life and time. She has concluded love is the meaning and time doesn't exist.


Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a strange phenomenon. Two particles will behave in exactly the same way no matter how far apart they are. If you change something about one, the other will simultaneously change also. This interconnectedness is how I view the world.

A Short Lesson In Quantum Entanglement


I believe that everything is interconnected. Humans, nature, our world, and even the entire universe, we are all part of each other. As humans, we want and need companionship. People without strong ties to family or community die earlier than people who do. We were never meant to be alone.

Just as people are interconnected, so is the world and the universe. We are all part of the same set of whatever emerged out of that big bang. Once we were together, now we are apart. I feel our apartness is actually a present (or learning experience) from God. We can never truly appreciate being together unless we have been apart.

We are not just our physical bodies. We are also our spirit, our soul. I feel this part of us is pure energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. I think after this world our energies are more combined. No more loneliness, no more isolation, no more thinking we are not understood. This is what heaven is all about. It is all about being connected.

This poem is about how we were all interconnected, how we broke off into each and how we want to get back together again.


“We are one,” "we" said.

All begins with us,

And, with us, all will end.

As one "we" seemed,

As one "we" lived,

Happiness in harmony.

Friction appeared,

A tiny fracture.

At the center of us,

Through all that mattered.

A fissure called "I".

Inside out "we" were drawn,

Hung out to dry,

Through this fissure called "I".

Thinking a blessing,

This curse in disguise.

Coming out "I" by "I"

On the other side.

Alone and apart,

"We" now "I".

All became each,

With us out of reach.

The pain hit our souls.

We cried out in hurt.

A shocked exhaled gasp

That threw us apart.

As dandelions fly on a breeze,

We flew through all eternity.

Further "we" flew

Alone and apart.

Until all of "we"

Was just plain forgot.

Singly now,

"I"s wonder why

The questions of life

Just seem to fly by.

Small units of "we",

We "I"s live our lives.

Longing to be

A part of the part.

Deep inside, memory lives,

Longing longs.

For the days altogether.

No longer alone.

In pain "I"s cry out, “Why, WHY??!!”

Why can’t I be whole?

Why am I apart?

Never, ever knowing

That "we" lived in "I"s' hearts.

Still to this day "I"s seek

to become part of "we".

Wanting to fill the

Emptiness of me.

We Are All Linked

Happiness is togetherness.

Happiness is togetherness.

Beautiful and Well Worth Watching

© 2017 Kari Poulsen

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