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Way of Life

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Way of Life

Life always feels like going home finally after the long period of work and agendas finished past eight or nine o'clock in the evening. All the busy people walking back and forth with their straight and tired faces, mixed smell of smoke, alcohol, barbecue and dirt while both of your knees are tired waiting for the next bus to stop right in front of you, because the other one is already full.

The sound of the vehicles rushing and roaring their engines with the drivers calling for passengers to hop in.

The street vendors busy smiling in each people they'll see walking pass their front.

The dimly lights from old stores, as well as the few open shops with their neon lights.

The sweat and evening smell of your body that sticks into your nose.

And most especially, the story of each person you walked through.

All these resembles life and somehow in some point, you will just stop walking, face in front, eyes on the sky while asking, "Which path I am heading?".