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Way Maker

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


Before anything else, your saviour and my saviour was condemned for our created hell of sins in which none he had share, we are heald by his righteousness in which none we share, he accepted the cruel death which was yours, for us might be granted a life which was his, every stripes of his was for me and for your life.

The moon declared its death

more than a million repeat

giving space for the sun to shine

proclaiming hope

died for one another to breath for

More than a million repeat

The sun had just risen above

the mystifying mountains

and its rays fell with dazzling brightness

to the world

the greens rejoice, the birds were dancing

and singing for another day of victory

witnessing the grandiose creations

As the sunbeams penetrate to all the benumbed

corners of the earth

So does the Sun of righteousness

shines upon every soul.

I was there stood on my foot

my ears were wide open

I could hear all the unknown

As though no one was around me

my soul were consumed by the silence

of beauty

the sun lighted up my wholly

as if it illumines the darkness

within me

As if it was his loving voice of declaration

widely echoed in every sublime passage

of a being

which lighteth every man that

cometh into the world

I must admit, faith was imperfect

yet his love was truer presentation

of the glory of his mission

the way wasn't concealed

and will never be

When the silent moon is kindled

and the stars above the horizon

you must be there to

witness the grandiose of his