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Waves to Dust


My body lays placid, listless and ashen, in the wide hollow of my ephemeral shelter. I breathe through a draft of saline cadence, with life a faint flutter, in the irises of my eyes. My skin feels numb against the comfort of the berth, bearing the pelt of each filament of satin, woven through the sheets that swaddle my soul.

My heart solemnly pledges to the revelation of grief, that softens the crisp sphere of the melancholic moon, into a haze of pearl kissed swirls. I surrender to the cavernous darkness of the night, as my heart is set ashore… unanchored from all it had known.

It was always your existence, my faltering soul sought refuge in. The voyages in your eyes that scaffolded my vision. The verses you read, had lent words to my ideation. And now I am sans a refuge, a voice, and a vision.

They say you are martyred and braved at battle. The claret of your wounds permeated a land fallow, to sow seeds of fortitude in the womb of the earth. The saga of your valor will leave trails in history. An era has ended; and a world is reborn.

They lay you to rest in the depths of the earth. As the dust contours to your gallant silhouette, it coalesces with your form, grain by grain… to eternalize your ardor and your essence. You merge into an element of the absolving world.


They lay me in a vessel to part from you, and render my soul to oceanic solitude. As I drift from the earth, ripple by ripple… my shadow hopelessly retorts to the edge of the earth. To find you once again in the confines of this world.

I feebly touch the verge of my raft, my fingertips tracing the veins and grains of storm fondled wood. I feel the gust of salt scented wind, capering with the raven tresses of my hair. The stirring of the waves in conformed locomotion, travelling to meet the meridian of the ocean. Amid the gale of a moonlit moment, I let go of the world to confront the ocean.

Through the elements of the world... I will meet you again.