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Watermelon Love

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How Many Ways Can I Say....

The juicy ripe fruit

So tasty and mouth-watering

Dripping with sweetness

Each soft bite easy to chew

Filled with goodness

How many foods can you eat anytime of the day?

You can have it before breakfast

As a little morning teaser

Sit down to lunch and top it off with watermelon as a light snack

At supper time with or when your done with your meal

Wait to later just before bed

I get all excited seeing it sitting in a bowl

The beautiful red color

It's hard to resist

One small piece or one great big slice

If you have watermelon

You better keep a close watch

Watermelon makes me weak in the knees

I may hint what makes my day

You can have it at room temperature

I like it better ice cold

It never loses it's cool

It feeds a lot for a little

Seeds you have to spit out

Are a thing of the past

Seedless and juicier than ever

It will last a week once it's cut

Waiting on the refriderator shelf

You can add a little whip cream

What do you mean you can't find it?

I don't know what could of happened to it

I don't see it

It is no where in sight

Someone stole it

I can't believe it

Come here

Is that a little whip cream on your nose ?

Oh no

I just remembered

Talk to you later

I have to gooooo

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