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Waterfalls and Love

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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


Just as the sound of a waterfall is calming, love is tranquill.

Just as the sun makes the day brighter, Love gives you light.

Love reveals everything and makes all good things shine.

Your love is deep and touches the soul.

You shall remain forever mine.

Love is wonderful and spiritual.

Love enlightens the mind.

Love is fresh and brave.

Love is vulnerable and saves you.

Love comes back and forth like the waves of the sea.


Yes, your love is deeper than the beautiful waterfalls we see.

You send your love to me from overseas.

You shower me with affection and unconditional love.

I swear you are angel from above.

Your love is inspiring and rushes in like the ocean.


Our love is as high as the highest of highs.

Our love is life long and strong.

Our hearts are the vehicles of love.

Our love runs deep within us.

Our love overflows to others.

Our love has many colors.

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