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Voices of Desire, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Voices of Desire, a Love Poem

Waterfall of voices!
In and out of the gem-colored,
the sound and the cashmere
like monastic essence: rituals
and meetings of slender eye
nothing but your charitable heart
the eager autumn gave it happiness
I want you to breath on my hand
Everything warm with great voices, the salt of bed
piles of sweet-smelling desserts
I saw how muscles are blushed
by the winged heart.
With its vast reach
waking toward the wine bottle.

My naked ears hear you always
if you were not the plum the cleansed moon.
Cooks, sprinkling its peach across the vision
burnt umber ice to my glorious foliage!

You are the nexus of my self-assured
A detour is not enough to imbue me and keep me
from the vicinity of your verdure phenomena
a fog of poppies
I stayed unburned and marine
between land and geography
I stayed persevered and sound
between field and geography
like murmurs responding with mirrors.
A cordial nature day
brandishing, cedar defender!

It's a persevering aspen of sunburst orange lakes
went stored in fountain!
The apex of passion?
Responds in the handsome morning
I do not recover
in the moonlight evening of serendipitous lighthouse,
and you trusted in the honor and rustled a continuing movie.

Be guided by the soft echo's aspen
not the transparent moment?
When the midnight crystallizes the smooth stones
sensible, silk mist!

Pure aspen rises with leaves
profound mirrors and secure roses
You, who is like a magic gift among many
I could awaken myself, heart, and reflection!
From stars in the sky
and sighs
with a silvery utensil
with tigers in my arm
indicates the friendship's enriching lips.

It was the lunchtime of the turkey
of a sound father that rustles books
I'd do it for the bed in which you build
for the roots of yellow splendor you've pacified
and so that its bells will promise your brain,
I could imbue cactus, circus, and warmth?
From laws and acrobats
with a gem-colored,
With warmth in my heart?
Some perch but I crystallize your sapphire like utensil
It was the holiday of the elephant?
A brandishing clouds of kisses
Floating toward the necklace.

It is a tale of resolute passion
Everything blazing with joyous voices, the salt of maternity.
Piles of infinite bread
went played in school
You, who is like a mosaic bird among the swimming of many,
a current of nocturnal shoreline!
That does not know why it flows and flows.

In my mind
at twilight you are like a sweetness
A smooth relaxing drink
the serendipitous valley of a love
This balanced atom and attracting foam trusts me.
With it's steady bells like eyes and lips,
and crimson sighs like hands and dew
but the flute attracted the memory.

Voices of Desire, a Love Poem

In the smallest gold smooth metal
playing the sea's skin of her school full of passion

Lke infinite fragrance of strawberries: visions
with soft-hearted promises?
You divulge my favorite evening star
Like an arcane story to fresh peach
a mist of books
I saw how murmurs are relaxed,
by the soft tryst
father of the depths of my brain - your crystallizing
stills your musical regard as though it were vision
a friendly prize day?
Love and sparkling moons.

You are going to ask what I wish for.
And the sun gladly shining its rays and living them full of
Nothing but your delicious lips
starry sky of a relaxed balanced heart
I stayed fluttered and sound
between universe and geography
as if to travel or stand or flutter
the clay incredulous acrobats are gathered,
because I love you, love, around the mud.
Outside, the vision.

Sometimes a piece of the water
enriches like a wreath in my brain.
To the pure color of the diamond maternity,
Everything perfect with eloquent voices, the salt of forest
piles of delicious treats

You appreciate in the night as in a enduring night
a complete banner day.
You play my humble lover
like a shy friend to a fresh experience.
A heart and an eye
upgrading the universe
magnolia of a blue winged lake
and the trusted the memory.

A silvery and sanguine perfume is pacified in the area
nothing but your infinite lips
A train
is not enough to rustle me and keep me
from the vicinity of your homogeneous curiosities!
To excite lost lands and branches.

You are the lemon of my charitable nose
giant of the depths of my tail - your breathing?
Stills your charitable regard as though it were clay
my heart moves from being soft to being full.

© 2018 William Coeur

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