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Water of Breath

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Repentance is the water of breath,

Cleansing and refreshing it, directing it in prayer,

It gives the breath its freedom, purpose and power of speech,

It is needed for thinking, speaking, hearing, and doing,

It's the ground zero path up to the established purpose necessary to pray,

Repentance is first lawful breathing! I repent to breathe, and repent to pray!

Refreshing, purging, pruning, sanctifying, and renewal, springs forth,

It is continuous experiential progression for taking the next breath,

Needed for determining the foundational, and fundamental,

Practical established purposes emphasized, Just to breathe,

Repentance is a path of regression, it is

The only justification for the backslider whose slippery slope,

Leads to origin where the foundation of breath can be found,

Origin is overlooked, therefore, so is breath underrated,

It is as if breath doesn’t exist until it is gone,

Repentance keeps breath alive and in a healed state,

Even when there is sickness within and without,

Sickness is no match for repentance or healing,

They are both impenetrable fortresses,

Keepers of the spirit and soul, and body too,

The unanswered and answered “why”

within all navigation in the back to genesis or origin,

Isn’t the probe into all history a backslide?

One must journey back through the records time holds,

The breath allocated for memory must take me back, I can't stay there,

Is regression a backsliding activity?

Sliding back for memory sake only,

Without origin I cannot find my purpose,

I am like a ship without a sail,

The Creator added to the ideal of origin makes breathing worthwhile,

The science of formed self wants the questions answered,

Once and for all to abort the con of the science of my form,

Packaged by unrepentance the breath stealer and taker,

Non-conformity is the stance to all cons towards the manifesto

Of the proform performance, repentance adds to living,

Where repentance changes the Cross to the positive symbol it represents

Repentance adds and can never subtract

Fear of its use subtracts, divides and multiplies,

Only I can add to the ability to practice what I breathe,

Today is the day of repentance needed for all salvation.

I have been given another day of opportunity to breathe and to repent,I am thankful! How about you?