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Water, Water And More Water

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Water In the Hole

Actually water in the whole cellar

I live on top of a hill

There has to be an underground spring that runs under my house

When the weather changes from winter to Spring

Up comes the water on all sides

If it was oil

I would be rich

Like in the Beverly Hillbillies t.v. sitcom

Instead, I have a wet situation

One that puts a damper on my plans

I have a pump that works and a french drain around our house

It still is not enough

I use a wet-vac and squeegee all the water I can see

I have all my seasonal decorations and tools up off the ground

Then of course all the things in life you think you will need and have to save

Kind of tight corners when you have a lot of things

Luckily the water is subsiding

There are still spots that remain wet

More rain expected today

Oh Boy!!!!

One good thing out of all this

My grass never needs much water

Nature does it all

I am working on a way to solve my problem

I have been trying to think of a better method to capture the water

I have looked online

I haven't seen anything that would work

I am going to try to make something

A mat that can be absorbent and reusable

So it will suck up an inch of water

Then I can take it outside and let it dry in the sun

Ready to be used again and again

If you have any ideas or have seen anything

I would be really, really interested

I am dying to know

My design needs lots of work

I have lots of ideas that need tweeking

Maybe we could create something together

Even bad times can turn to good

If we keep the right frame of mind

That's all for now

Stay dry

If you do get wet

You have good company

I have been here time and time again

This isn't my first time

I am sure it won't be my last

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