Water Rhymes

Updated on November 10, 2017


BOBBY BOUCHER is mentally challenged.
Smart but has a hidden talent.
He's an experienced waterboy.
His first college treats him like a little boy.
So he applies for another job.
Another team gives him a job.
COACH KLEIN of the Lousiana Mud-dogs.
Sees a talent that he has been hiding.
Goes to the home and asks mom Helen.
Helen doesn't agree with him playing.
So he goes behind her playing.
Bobby meets Vicky Vaillancourt.
Who seems values him playing the sport.
Bobby invites her to his home.
But finds that his mom wants him alone.
Meanwhile, the nation notices Bobby.
Is on the team shocking.
Shocking coaches around the nation.
Including the coach of his old college.
The mud-dogs earn a trip to the big game.
They play the cougars in the big game.
They have a pep rally before the game.
but his old coach crashes it with his team.
Coach red proves that he can't play.
His high school transcripts were fake.
The team briefly turns against him.
While Coach Klein convinces to let him.
To let Bobby play in the game.
All he has to do is take.
Take and pass the GED test.
He passes it and prepares to give his best.
Before it, his mom gets sick.
Turns out she fakes it.
Tries keeping him from playing football.
She later tells him to answer the call.
She agrees to let him play.
Bobby then comes to save the day.
The mud-dogs win the game.
He's then never looked at the same.

Adam Sandler
Bobby Boucher
Henry Winkler
Coach Klein
Jerry Reed
Coach red

Frank Coraci


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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