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Watching From Afar, A Poem for New York City

Chris has written poetry for 28 years though he focuses on short fiction. But watch out for the occasional twisted nursery rhyme.


New York City,

Why you again?

Wasn’t September 11 enough?

We are sitting around your perimeter


I want to help you.

I want to save you.

But I am one man,

And if I come,

I will quickly fall.

But that is cowardice.

If I truly cared,

I’d come and do something.

I watch the statistics cross my screen day after day.

Which is only slightly better than watching my favorite Netflix show.

I couldn’t do that.

I can’t live life as usual.

I have dear friends in the hospital now.

It has finally hit home for me.

I am for the common man.

I am for the old man who smoked for too many years.

The virus attacks his weakened lungs.

He is dying.

Blame him.

Go ahead.

Blame him.

I would sit by his bed and hold his hand

If I wasn’t so afraid.


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