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Watchful Eye


Peaceful as falling snow,

He glides across the sky,

Refuge found there in a tree.

An eagle’s watchful eye.

Feathered friends so pretty,

We see them every day.

Colors of the rainbow,

A splendid bright display.

Whistling cardinals,

Calls of the chickadees,

As well as gold finches,

Sing peaceful melodies.

Loud squawks from the Blue Jay,

Or crow calling his friends,

Woodpeckers drumming trees,

A wild message sends.


Oh, to be a flying bird,

Descending on the Earth,

Scenic views miles away,

They have known from their birth.

A watchful eye will hunt,

It’s prey from high above,

Falcons, hawks, and eagles,

Catching fish that they love.

Oh, to be an eagle,

To look with watchful eye,

Symbol of our country,

Soaring high in the sky.

The wild birds are free,

To sing or fly away,

Let’s pray they always will,

Be seen here every day.


© 2021 Diana L Pierce