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Poetry of Emotions

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Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections



Who am I to tell you what to feel?

or whom to forgive

I live my life for everyone, not just


I feel your pains and disappointments

I rejoice in your successes

Sometimes I fail you

But it’s not because of selfishness

Like you I’m growing and


Understanding life because there are

So many connotations’ it’s hard to

Keep up

I listen to your impassioned


Which reaches all the way down

To my soul


I didn’t stop to think what the repercussions would be if the lie was wrapped in honey and fed with a side of love

I didn’t stop to look into the future and view the outcome of a fairytale when the prince turned into a frog with the help of a princess holding onto a crystal ball and wishing for a fairytale outcome and the repercussions

Wouldn’t turn back upon themselves

Fall Out

I’ve learned a lesson

Never take for granted

What the heart wants

And can’t have

Secrets have a way

Of revealing themselves

Truths become make believe

Reality hides behind discrete


When in the end you have to

Pick up the pieces to honesty

Fall out lashes at you

Silencing your voice


I laid down and gave my love to a dream

No regrets only wish and make believe

I laid down and gave my love to a dream

That dream turned into burnt ashes

That dream turned into many broken pieces

I laid down and gave my love to a dream

In secret pleasure held many colors

The price of desire was paid with disillusionment

Atoning for sins forgivable and unforgivable

I laid down and gave my love to a dream

That now dispassionately

Haunts my heart


When I looked into the eyes

The color of the rainbow

Doubt and disbelief mixed

In with confusion

Stared Through the shadow of

Wariness distributing

Warning of a storm on the

Horizon blowing in to change

A world you thought to be

Born into but not born to

Become a part of pain


Heaven blessed me with you

You gave me something to hold on too

For that my dream became complete

When searching a face of innocence

With a kiss I blow you a wish

That inside your heart forgiveness

Lives and healing have taken up a seat

Where antipathy once dwelled


How can I seek forgiveness?


I haven’t learnt to forgive


What atonement is there to satisfy?

Inquiring minds

To bare the guilt of keeping


When in hindsight the only one


Needed protecting was me

If what I’ve done only cemented

Injured feelings

If what I’ve excused as protecting

Innocent beings

From truths and held onto a dream

Of discontent

My only wish is to


© 2022 ek ellis

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