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Wars and Justifications..


A student ...and I think this "student" word is sufficient to stand for my identity! As it's description of the person in true meaning!!

Wars, disputes and fights..

Wars, disputes and fights

With weapons, bullets all tight

Tries to justify what?

All the benefitting odds with the May and mights??

A small narrow minded man,

Thinks himself so wise,

That he steps out to protect

A whole religion, of the world's size?

He thinks himself so wise,

That when he is becoming inhuman,

He just doesn't even realise!

To his conscience, he is doing right,

Although he is killing people and crossing the heights.

He is killing the innocents and creating frights,

Is this the only way to free the world and make it light?

The scene of the war is a scary sight,

With all the blood and still bodies over with the small child.

The world should not only understand, but stand too

For what is right,

One should fight,

But with the intentions and ways that are right.

" So that is doesn't turn, a shiny day to an obscene dark night"..


Dhiren on April 19, 2019:

Nice one...

Raj Vashistha on April 10, 2019:

Nice and true Lines.......

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