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Warning: Storm Approaching

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Too Late To Take Cover

There is no where to run and hide

The storm that we were afraid of

Is much worse than we think

It rips us off our feet

Turns our whole life on end

Just when we thought we had a grip

It blindsides us again

It never stops demanding

Wanting more than we are willing to give

We have to climb instead of fall

Put good use to our senseless energy

We have felt it frequently in the past

Then we thought we made it through

We had plenty of time for preparation

Instead, we shrugged our shoulders and went on our way

Instead of getting down to business

If we only took the time?

To explore the madness

We have to be careful

To stay at a close distance

Not too close

That we get dragged in

Experience has taught us so much

Why doesn't anyone listen?

The violent forces of nature

Are also so unforgiving

We can manage now

As we unravel the yarn ball

The cat has willfully torn apart

We take a stand

Gripping life in our hands

Watching all the people

Who walk dazed and confused

Not now

Not ever

With nowhere to go

They choose to be helpless victims

Who get mixed up in the shuffle

If we could see the world

Through the eye of a hurricane

What would we gain?

A new perspective and a different objective

New hope

When do we stop wanting?

When do we stop needing?

The balance that can't be corrected

With a broken scale

We need to find a way

Folding the dry trowels from the dryer isn't enough

Hanging the wet clothes from the washer

Before they wrinkle

Is a slow start

Staying up till 4 in the morning

Playing catch up from the night before

Fantasy can be an easy escape

Reality is rough and disappointing

Creating beauty is never an easy feet

Keep looking

Perseverance and boundless amounts of energy wanted

I can't see any signs posted

The tenderness from one pleasure to the next

Compelling and inviting

An open invitation

There has to be a period of retaliation

That good is never good enough

Once we disarm the triple threat

It becomes so much easier

Then you think we would remember

Of course, we don't

So much easier being the person who was mistreated

With all our choices limited

If we only took the wheel

Steering in the right direction

Careful never to go off the road

All along

We always had the ability and the desire

Even though we couldn't put them together

Like other people do

We are right back at it

Examining life as if we were the test tube baby

The weather changes

A quick morning chill

Rocks our senses

For we know what we want

One step closer

I am convinced

We will get there

No need for makeup or cover-ups

We see it

Then tell it like it is

No fact check needed

We never were the best in science

Philosophy is more our jam

Remember the days

When a little peanut butter and jelly sandwich felt great

All we needed is a nice tall glass of cold milk

Then we realize today isn't so bad after all

We have finally found the key

Hidden under the outside doormat

History always finds a way

To repeat itself

I'm o.k. with that

As long as I fine-tune my life like a piano

Playing so many keys all at once

The same life you once thought was virtually impossible

Is now only a stones throw away

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