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Warming Up: A Poem

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Dan K typically writes about "Minecraft," but he/him also writes poetry, free verse, and occasional short stories.

I'm not as great as I think I am,
Nor even half as good.
I throw my toys out of the pram,
And do all but what I should .
I piss and moan and bitch a lot,
I'm never satisfied.
I'm pretty sure, like it or not,
Life would be better if I died.
My cloud is so grey,
It must be my curse.
My life's like a play
That I haven't rehearsed.
What else can I say?
I just cannot lie!
I pray, and I pray.
I try, and I try.

But praying and trying,
Are never enough.
Babies are starving.
I think MY life is rough?
Think of the mothers
Who can't fill a bottle.
Think of the fathers
Working hard for so little.

Think of my brothers and sisters
At home, and afar.
Think of my parents,
Wherever they are.
Think of the day
When the fighting is done.
Think of the way
Life will be when good's won.
Think of a cloudless,
Blue, sunny sky.
Think of life's beauty
I'll miss when I die.

Think about stars up above,
Sending light right my way.
Think of a love
Maybe I'll find one day.
Think of my present,
Think of my past.
Think of what dad meant,
"Nothing can last."

So, I may not be that great,
Nor even half as good.
But it's not too late,
If I do what I should.
Stop praying and trying,
Just go and do.
And if life leaves me lying,
At least it was due.
Anything's better than
Just giving up.
Get it together, man
You're just warming up.

-Dan K

Sometimes we can be so focused on our own, selfish needs that we forget that we aren't the center of the universe. We think our pain is special, our suffering unique. The truth is, everyone suffers. Some for good reason, some for bad reason, some for no reason at all. Suffering doesn't choose who it inflicts itself on, it just is.

So rather than wallowing in our pain and suffering, we should consider trying to ease someone else's. Perhaps in doing so, we can ease our own suffering, too.

If we shift our perspectives, from the selfish micro- to the selfless macro-, we can find inner peace. Let go of the things that make you suffer, rather than trying to find its meaning. You will feel far more powerful.

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