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War Is Awful

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Something I Never Want To See

In a society where we are suppose to be civilized

When trouble strikes

Too many people die and too much loss

Military experts say it is necessary

To keep the peace

I know I find it hard to agree with three people in the room

I can't even imagine with so many countries around the world

Not everyone is going to agree

Some people's views are forced on other people

That is where we have to fight

There is no where to turn

Our back is against the wall

In a world where there is so much beauty

How can the same world have so much pain

I thank all the military people that protect our freedom

Unfortunately, it doesn't come without a loss of life

I go to work and do my job

I never have to worry

My decisions don't decide if people live or die

As we watch the news

Trouble breaks out in the Ukraine

We can only pray

The people in power

Make the right decisions

To continue to protect innocent people and our way of life

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