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I Wanted to Forget You

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If i were possible

I wanted to forget you;
and so get used to the lack of light;
and if it were possible; to murder the lassitude.

To die for a instant;
and be reborn in complete amnesia,
I do not lie down in the dementia

To arise in me the restlessness;
to cover the mist of my youth;
and only give way to confrontation,
of a new life;
free of your ungrateful soul,


The statue

I return to the cold water of reality,
and I drown in this anguish and calamity.
I return from the living imagination;
where I am always captive.

I return from of the crazy dreams;
that levitate in the air.
They are gifts in the lap of an abandoned life!
From a life that there is nothing!

body attitude and spiritual
of a statue in the water;
that drowns without remedy,
because, is made of tedium.

© 2018 Venus Mary

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