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Wandering Thoughts At Midnight by: Regine J. Bucio

It takes courage to ride that train alone, for the first time.
But as time passes by, you'll get used to it.

It takes courage to walk in that room full of strangers in the University.
But as time passes by, you'll be able to know them and survive College.

It takes courage to rent a bedspace, apart from your family, and start to rely on yourself. But as time passes by, your dorm mates will become your second family.

It takes courage to sell yourself to employers after graduation. But as time passes by, you'll be amazed with who you have become.

You see, being courageous is not easy. Doing things on the first time will never be easy. But you've got to take risk. Accept the consequences of your actions. Be accountable. And live life with no regrets.

-Idealist Rej

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