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Hello you beautiful people! I am an avid reader and I loves to write poetry and short stories for my own sanity and amusement.



Reposing under a sacred fig
After a long walk under the sun wrenched heat
With a responsibility on my shoulder,
Of my wife and a child.
Only drift so far;
Hoping to fill my pocket with some dime.

We have various names,
Wanderer, vagabond, nomad, traveler,
Call us what you please!
Cause we are the wayfarer who don't have a wish.

Barefooted came my wife and I, with my child on my shoulder,
My child
Being happy to see us move to a different place,
Just to realize it's harder than the first place.
When you are beaten with the real and bitter game of life
It's hard not to stumbled in the way which is far more fright.
When standing against life, never consider you being shrewd
Cause life is far more astute than you knew.

© 2021 Richali Gartia