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Walls Have Ears #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Adding that those things she has been hiding, were hidden because “walls have ears” and

In accordance with her agreement with her father in-law that as long as she will be in another

Man’s land she will not utter out what was done to anyone. She would not want to

Lose him, and as a sign of respect to the dead man, he should let the matter rest and be

Preparing for their island, she wants to take him back to where he belongs to show him his

Ancestry. When he discovers that his mother has resisted all mounted pressure on her he left

Pressurizing her and starts hoping for the day that she will take her back to his origin

His people, and there he hopes to find a beautiful one to be married to. The woman gave

Out some of her properties, those she cannot carry along, and bid those who have

Accommodated and taken care of her bye as she takes off to her island. the journey

Took them fourteen days before they returned to their island, while on the way she

Started telling her son about his father, the culture of their island and why she fled with

His pregnancy, she believes that by now her father in-law would have been killed for

Her sake, and his sake and that was why she finds it extremely hard to be romantically

Involved with anyone again despite the pressure he mounted on her. She abinitio wanted to

Do that but then remembers others sacrifice for her and him and did not do that. When the

Son asks her why she did not tell him all this along she told him what his grandfather says,

“The walls have ears”, while speaking to him someone would hear and it may lead to another

Thing that she does not want. He will again ask that now that they are returning to the

Island won’t she be killed? She replied that such would not happen since her father in-law

Has been killed for her sake. However, they may want to punish her, but she will no longer

Be killed that is the law in their island. For when the person has put to bed, and

Another man has been slain for her, and she has stayed more than twelve years outside

The island, the law forbids killing her again.

This and other stories about their island his Mother told him when they

Were on their trip back to their island. At the early hours of the fourteenth day,

They got to the boundary of their island and she shows him where

Her in-law, the junior brother to his father saw her to before returning to the island

That fateful day of her escape. She hopes her in-law would still be alive when they

Get to their island. There was little change in the island when she gets there, thence

Locating her family’s house and her husband’s was not difficult. She heads to her

Husband’s place first and was amazed to see her father in-law still alive. She was

Surprised to see him alive and was thinking someone else has been substituted for

Him, but they sat him down and narrated the story to her of how the enemies of

Their island seize the opportunity of the epidemic to attack, them. Since many of the

Warriors have been killed by the epidemic, they had to bring out her father in-law

He was the person that delivered the island from the enemies. After delivering the

Island and the leadership wants to go ahead with killing him, the people rose in his

Defense and he was saved, however, he was banished from the island for years and

Has returned two years ago. She was elated to hear this and told them her own side

Of the story too, showing him his grandson. It was a happy reunion and the man was glad

That he can see his grandson, hoping that as he has returned to the island now he will

Settle down and get married. The people heard of her return, and rejoiced with her

And the family for their bravery. About a year after this, war again broke out in the

Neighborhood, now, her father in-law cannot lead the war again as he has been doing

Some years back, his grandson steps into his shoe, having learnt several of those

Acts in the island where they were residing before. When they got to the battle field

Those they relied upon that would save the island were those that the enemies killed

First because the new act which the enemies were using they did not know, albeit

He is knowledgeable in the act, and he had to tell others that they need to change their

Strategy if they indeed want to win the war, told them the styles to use different

Improvisions were made on the battle field to enhance their victory. After the battle

Had been over rumors of how he saved the island has gotten to the people of the island

And he was duly awarded. After the award, the leaderships met this time around to

Review the law of killing primigravidae whose husband had no issue outside before

As being the architect of the sudden death of the man, and labeling the fetus they were

Carrying as being demonic, bringing evil to the husband. For assuming the woman has

Been killed decades back the deliverance they witnessed that year they probably may

Not have witnessed. All the members of the committee agree to banishing and canceling

The law in the island. After the law has been eradicated, the young man gets married to

A native of the island, it was a colorful wedding program which everything was in

Abundance. He has been taken to the sepulcher of her father, and there he goes to yearly

To celebrate his memorial