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Walls Have Ears #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In the meanwhile her daughter in-law never knew what was happening in the island as

She has escaped beyond the reach of those who would have killed her, and has arrived at a

New island extremely far from her place. At this new island, she started working with one of the

Women of her island, whom she would not tell of where she has come from because

No one could be trusted. She lied to her that she was from the nigh by island and had

Fled the island when her husband was not taken proper care of her. The woman she was

Working with was sorry for her and says some men could be terrible, they will put a

Lady in the family way and would not want to do anything with the lady again. it is only

God who could punish those people the woman says to her as she comforts her, gives her

Accommodation and starts taken care of her. She started working for her and the woman

Becomes a good mother to her, but whenever it crosses her mind to tell her the real incident

That made her fled her island she will remember what her father in-law has said to her as he

Sternly warned her not to divulge the information to anyone because “walls have ears”,

And humans cannot be trusted, for the heart of man is deeper than the deepest wells, a

Person may swear heaven and earth to her that she will not divulge the information to anyone

But afterwards would go behind her back to divulge it to people, and then her life and

That of the child would be at risk because those leaderships have connections with one

Another and the person she divulges the information to may be linked to the leader who will

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Tell the other leader the information and or pass it to someone else who will get it to

Where and who they do not want the information to get to, when this happens he would

Be arrested there and forcefully brought back to their island and he would have

Died for nothing. Thus, she kept mute on this and keeps living with her. Soon enough she

Puts to bed and the baby was a cute Young boy. She started taken care of the lady and

Rechristened him after the name of her dead husband because she loves him dearly before

His demise. The young boy grew and becomes one of the powerful boys around

The new island. As the culture of the island demands young men would undergo

Several trainings including the arts of war. He passed through these phases and

Becomes one of the most successful young man in the art in the island.

His mother refused to marry another man because of the love she has for her

Late husband and the sacrifice of her father in-law to save her, for all this while she has

Been thinking that her father in-law has been killed saving her life. She has started a

Business in the island and her son was making appreciable progress. She wants her son to

Be married in the new island but the culture of the new island they are living would not

Allow a maiden to marry someone whose father is not known. Things may have

Worked for him if her mother has taken another man as husband in the new island but

Since she has refused to be married to someone else within the island, her son could

Not be married to a maiden within the island. That is the island’s standing rule

Because they wanted to protect their citizens from getting married to a person whose

Any of the parents are probably disabled. They cannot know that a parent is

Disabled except they know both parents and in the case the parent is dead, having

Known the parents they shall be able to ascertain the kind of death he or she dies.

Yet another reason for insisting on this is that they would know if the father of the

Son is a woman beater, someone who does not cater for his wife before he dies, if such

A man is the father of the son, they know that the son would likely want to toe the path

Of his late father, beating his wife, when he is married to her, and they would not want

That to happen, thus, they usually insist on knowing the parents of the person who will

Marry their children, especially the daughter. For women bear the heat most in her husband’s

House. His mother has been telling him that his father was lovable, cheerful, caring, and he is

The desire of any woman globally, even before she gets married to her, while they were in

Courtship he has demonstrated rare features, such that many of his peers were telling him that

What of if his mother would not marry him, and he continues saying to them that it does not

Matter if she decides not to marry him, then he will look for someone else, for there had been

Many who guys have splattered love on that later disappoint such guys in their island, but he

Does not relent in showing her uncommon love while eyeing each other, such that she

Becomes the envy of many spinsters, and she becomes the object of discussion in their island.

It was not as if his family was wealthy, but his family is among the averagely living family in

Their island she has told her son. Having heard of these, his son told her that all of these the

People neither see nor know, lot to even talk about how she has maintained complete secrecy

About their island and had told her that if she does not want to divulge her island, that is okay

By him but she should consider re-marrying. He pressurized his mother to marry for

His sake but his mother resisted those pressures telling him that soon they will return to

Where he hailed from, and he will know that what she is saying about her late husband

Is the truth, but nothing but the truth. Soon enough she told him that he should get ready

To leave for his, yea their island, saying, while returning she will tell her some things he

Has been asking for from her for long. He told him that he has keeping those within her

Hearts because if is what has not been uttered out from a person’s heart that remains a secret

But immediately one utters out something it ceases to be a secret.


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