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Walls Have Ears #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


When she was heavy with his pregnancy his father died and it was a taboo

In the island that a woman who is carrying the pregnancy of her first child to lose

Her husband while she was yet to deliver the pregnancy, they usually say, such woman

Is possessed and the baby she is carrying is also demonic. When this incident happened

And she lost her husband to the cold hands of the epidemic that develops in the island, her

In-law asks her to leave the island before the incident becomes known to all within the

Island, for they know that she loves their son very well and have done everything within

Her power to save him when he contracted the disease. As no one can change the date of

Death, they believed, that was the Supreme Being desires that would happen to their son

On another instance they reasoned among themselves that if the woman be killed with

The pregnancy it means their son would have no heir after him again since he has neither

Been romantically involved with any lady before nor have an issue accidentally outside

Wedlock before tying the nuptial with the beautiful damsel. Thus they believed that

Their son’s memorials would be wiped off the land of the living if they allowed that to

happen to her. They arranged for her escape route. She was afraid that they would kill

The head of the family for that is what the culture says, that if any family allows the

Lady to escape the head of the family would be killed in her stead. The head of the family

Agrees to die for his son, and the baby she is carrying for it is better he dies than allow her

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To be killed. It was a sorrowful departure when she left through the thick forest in the

Dead of the night as being steered by one of the siblings of her late husband, after she has

Gotten to the boundary between the other island the young man turned back home.

Three days after the leaderships of the island got to know what has happened and arrested

The head of the family and imprisoned him. However the epidemic is yet on, and many

People are dying thus, they could not arrange for the killing of the old man in time, albeit

He was kept within the four walls of the prison custody while the leaderships keep

Attending to the epidemic ravaging the island. While on this, their enemies from the

Neighboring island have heard of what the epidemic is doing to them and they said

To one another that this is the best time to attack them, for they had lose many

Warriors to the epidemic. While they heard that their enemies wanted to attack they

Cannot withhold anyone back, they needed all hands to help fight those enemies, thus

The man who has been imprisoned was taken off the prison custody because he was

One of the powerful ones, a brave warrior, in the island. This old man helps them fight

The battle, with his aid they drove back the enemies from the island’s territories and

After they had done this, the leadership of the island who want to go ahead with killing

Him was stopped by the people of the island that if not for him, the island would have

Been turned to ashes now. However, despite the people’s demonstrations against the

Leaderships decision the leadership decides that what they will do to him was to

Banish him from the town for ten years to appease the gods, for that has been stated

By the gods. He was sent off the island for ten years.


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