Walking the Razor Thin Line: Struggling to Stay on Top

Updated on May 4, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Took one too many chances with not being it safe

Ended up in the ultimate precarious position

How did the final possible countdown become this moment?

Suspended in the most dangerous of places

Wondered if it was not too late to get out of this demonic fun house

Supposed to be thrilling fun, but more of a nightmare that anything

Count to ten and go from there in terms of the decision

Started to move in an unexpected direction

Unsure what to make of this surprising turn of events

Walking on the thinnest possible tightrope

Hanging between two tallest towers in Abu Dhabi

Reliving a little Vin Diesel stunt via his Fast & Furious films

A little danger never hurt no one; until the tension kicked in

Not internally but from the rope itself

Something that would make high wire artists like Philippe Petit

Sweating .38 caliber bullets as a result of the pure terror

From falling down an endless rabbit hole into a certain demise

Wondered constantly if it'll break in mid-act performance

Turned the performance into a tragedy rather than an epic experience

Walked on continuous eggshells wondering where the last yolk was

Became a sudden bundle of pinched nerves wrapped around

Crucial points in both feet and in the right arm as well

Waited for the inevitable curveball to break this laser pointed focus

Removing the eye from the prize to listen for a phone to ring

When it never does; or the nearby office water cooler gossip

About you that you have heard in a borderline stage whisper

Broke the code of conduct and now paid the price repeatedly

No longer invited to join Rudolph's reindeer games

Ignored for happy hour outings and only called upon when necessary

Time to stop being overly nice to people who hug you publicly

And shove the knife deep into your back when you walk away

Johnny Cash walked a line in his own right

Time to walk one with a much scarier outcome

One wrong step and the finale has arrived

Just a black screen and sayonara, folks.

Taking the next step slower than a tortoise racing a hare

Almost to the end of the wire; finish line in sight

Ready, steady, keep going or else.

Don't look back; just keep moving ahead no matter what.

Walking a thin and dangerous line.
Walking a thin and dangerous line.


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