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Walking and Talking Human Novocain

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started off the morning in a clinical fashion

Literally putting one foot in front of the other

Not thinking or caring about subjects in peripheral vision

Developed blinders to the monsters creeping up around you

Embittered about current predicament even when not as bad

As it could have been if it wasn't caught as soon as it was

Decided that playing the "Blame Game" was futile

What's done is done; only have time to focus on here and now

Hour by hour and not thinking about things too far ahead

Choosing minor moments of levity to break up harsh bits

Stopped feeling somewhat sorry for myself

Getting there; just need time to still process possibilities

A few days have passed since the news

Was delivered in a shockingly and respectful honest manner

Expected it, but still staggered by it regardless

Felt last remaining traces of suspected gender identity

Going rapidly down this imagined drain

Circling towards the end as a way to fight inevitable

Downturn into complete and utter obscurity

Understood that the information giver

Took to the democratically truthful approach

Would have felt worse if told a placating lie

Made the possible reality even harder to wash down

Sometimes felt like a Lifetime movie of week victim

A character where platitudes uttered in a soothing matter

A lame effort to downplay any harsh news

Shockingly resentful of people who seemed to have it all

Life's deck of cards laid out with the ideal full house

Coming up roses in every manner with bragging phone calls

And social media posts resembling 2021's version of Stepford Wives

An almost cult-like approach to an existence

Sad and laughable at the same time

A showcase of not so genuine humanity if always focused on status

Embracing the material when should be focused on priceless artefacts

Good health and the love of close friends and family

Pandemic made that crystal clear when once normal things vanished

Going to movies and Broadway plays no longer an option

Accepting that trips to grocery stores as exotic locales

Walking around the block as 20 minutes of relaxation

Smiling and waving at the happy innocent children playing

As they waved to you first and expected a nice response back

Embracing pineapple and reality television as grasps of pleasure

Waiting for the real normal to return in some form

Not holding my breath, an idea that never turned out well

Taking it one inch at a time as my new normal started to materialize.

Embracing simple matters to help with the long term nature of life.

Embracing simple matters to help with the long term nature of life.

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